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Company Address 15 Berkeley Square
Founded Year
Official Website https://www.voxility.com/
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Contact +1 877-867-5190,N/A
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We are an international Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider with offices in London, Frankfurt, Bucharest and San Francisco, founded in 2004 with a clear development strategy aimed at becoming a reference name in cloud computing. Voxility runs a powerful global platform, on which it can build almost any kind of Cloud service across 19 major data centers in Europe and United States.

Since 2012, we have extended the performances of its network at a global level, through several high capacity agreements with companies such as Level3 Communication, Comcast, NTT, TeliaSonera, Telefonica or Deutsche Telecom. Its 1Tbps+ edge traffic network is directly connected to >1300 other networks for the best regional content distribution so that Voxility can quickly deliver almost all kinds of enterprise hardware and network configurations in London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Washington, Los Angeles, and Miami.  

Today, we are the first choice of companies around the world looking for custom built infrastructure solutions and tailored support, due to its massive bandwidth capacity, competitive pricing, sprawling product portfolio and network features. Some of the largest websites and internet service providers rely on Voxility to deliver day-to-day value to their customers.