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华电南自科技股份有限公司 (Huadian Nanzi Technology Co.Ltd)

Company Address 北京市朝阳区阜通东大街方恒国际中心A座8层 (8th F Bldg.A,Yard 6,Futong East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing)
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Official Website http://www.hdnztech.com/
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公司成立时间(Founded time) 2016.5

主营业务(Main business): IDC规划设计、项目投资引入、建设与产品销售、机房运营及设备托管、清洁能源(含碳交易)、系统集成、网络安全及电信增值业务。IDC planning & design, financial advisory, construction and product sales, operation and device hosting, clean energy(including carbon trade),system integration, network security and telecom services.


海外业务及需求(International Business) :  N/A


运营数据中心名称及数据中心机柜总量(Name of data center and total number of cabinets):  

盘古龙岗数据中心枢纽项目(一期) 2412架 (Pangu Longgang Data Center Hub(phase 1), 2412 Cabinets)


用电规模及上架率(Power consumption scale and on shelf rate)

40000 KVA,当前暂无上架 (40000 KVA,current on shelf rate-0%)


企业介绍(Enterprise introduction)


At Huadian Tec we provide our customer with various IDC consulting, constructing, and operating services based on abundant capital supply, sophisticated tech team and the experience of managing million ㎡ scale DC projects-including but not limited to: planning and design, technical solutions, demand analysis, ROM cost estimation, engineering construction and progress control. For customers in Financial, IT,E-commerce and Gaming industries, we also provide services such as cabinet rental, server hosting, telecom services and operation management.


典型客户(Typical customers) :


Alibaba Cloud, Three Fast Online(Meituan), CIAS, Shenzhen Data Exchange Co.Ltd, Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK(SZ)


企业荣誉(Enterprise honor) : 北京市高新技术企业(Certified Hi-tech Enterprise in Beijing)


联系人(Business Contact) : 管钰辰(Yuchen Guan)


电子邮件(Email Address) : guanyuchen@huadiannanzi.com


电话/手机 (Tele/Phone Number) : +86 188 2281 0199