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105 Clegg | TORONTO

Address 105 Clegg Rd, Markham, ON, Canada Space
Open Time Power
Owner 1547 Critical Systems Realty Air conditioning & Cooling
Contact +1 833-530-4500 ,N/A Standards
Data Center Introduction

1547 Critical Systems Realty: 105 Clegg | TORONTO

1547 Critical Systems Realty 105 Clegg | TORONTO is located at 105 Clegg Rd, Markham, ON, Canada. The data center is 42000 sqft. There is a total of 42000 sqft in raised floor space for colocation. It has access to 2 MW of power. We found 33 data center locations within 50 miles of this facility. Certifications for this location include HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SSAE-16 Type 2.

1547’s Toronto, Ontario data center and colocation facility is the largest data center hub outside of downtown Toronto. Just 20 miles from downtown, the facility is in a strategic location for highly scalable data centers. Plans have been approved and permitted to expand the facility to an 80,000 SF, two-story data center with 8.0 MW critical IT load. The expansion will consist of core and shell build-out and turnkey data center space.